Two Easy Steps Every Beard Owner Should Adopt For A Killer Beard

Two Easy Steps Every Beard Owner Should Adopt For A Killer Beard

Regardless of the style, all beards require a maintenance routine to keep your beard looking smart. We have broken it down for you into two basic steps that can be easily adapted into your routine and is also beginner-friendly so say goodbye to the untamed scraggly look and hello to the slickest beard out.

Step 1:

Daily Face Wash:

To improve the outer appearance of your beard it’s important to take care of the skin underneath. You should cleanse your face two times a day to remove purities, excess oils and dead skin without stripping your skin. 

Step 2:

Beard oil, beard oil and beard oil:

You may not know it but your facial hair requires nourishment and therefore needs to be fed with goodness. Beard oils have many benefits from generating hydrated hair and skin to make it softer and manageable which prevents beard itch and dandruff that occurs from dry broken skin. 

Beard oil encourages beard growth, the ingredients of Jojoba and Almond promote healthier stronger hair. Applying a few drops of oil onto your palm and massaging it into your beard. 

A comb can also be used for a more even distribution of the product to create a fuller lusher beard. Beard oil also can be bought scented, so you won’t just be feeling great but also be smelling just as good

After Shave Balm:

After shaving, you may notice redness or tiny cuts that can cause discomfort. Using a balm is highly advisable to allow the skin to soothe irritation and provide cooling properties to calm the skin for faster healing aid. Aftershave acts as a protective barrier in the areas applied to sustain cuts as balms can include alcohol for the purpose of removal of bacteria and reduce infections.


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