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HydroHold Shower Tidy - Silicone Organiser Set

HydroHold Shower Tidy - Silicone Organiser Set

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Transform your shower experience with the HydroHold Shower Kit, a revolutionary solution that combines functionality, innovation, and style. This all-in-one silicone toiletry organiser and toothbrush holder set is designed to simplify your daily routine and keep your essentials within arm's reach.


Multi-Purpose Design: The HydroHold Shower Kit is not just a toothbrush holder; it's a versatile organiser that holds your toothbrush, razor, and other shower essentials. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a tidy, organised space.

Secure Silicone Grip: With its advanced silicone material, the HydroHold adheres seamlessly to any shiny surface, eliminating the need for messy adhesives, suction cups, or permanent mounts. Its strong grip ensures your items stay in place, even in wet conditions.

Waterproof and Hygienic: Crafted from 100% silicone, this organizer is entirely waterproof, preventing mould and mildew buildup. Keep your items clean and dry, promoting a hygienic shower environment.

Easy Installation and Usage:

  • Choose a smooth, shiny surface in your shower area.
  • Press the HydroHold Shower Tidy onto the surface, ensuring a secure bond.
  • Arrange your toothbrush, razor, and other items in the designated slots.
  • Experience the convenience of having your essentials right where you need them.


  • Material: 100% Silicone
  • Colours Available: Black
  • Package Includes: HydroHold Shower Tidy (Organiser + Mirror)

Elevate your shower routine with the HydroHold Shower Kit - the innovative solution for a clutter-free, organized shower space. Say goodbye to suction cups and adhesives, and embrace the future of shower organisation. Order now and experience the convenience and style of the HydroHold Shower Tidy.

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