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The Aussie Man Body (& Beard) Hair Trimmer

The Aussie Man Body (& Beard) Hair Trimmer

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We are introducing our first ever The Aussie Man grooming product! We tasked the men in our office to test this bad boy out, and the feedback was 100% five stars! John from Accounts is one hairy man, and he swears by it! 

Perfect for all of your body hair. Dave (the Founder) uses this to trim his Millenial-cool beard daily and says it's also handy for your down-under areas ;) 

Cordless, waterproof, and can be easily recharged via a quick-charging USB-C cable for maximum convenience.

It also comes with an adjustable cover to accommodate different hair lengths. No matter what length you choose, you can ensure an even cut.

Lastly, it has an anti-rust ceramic blade to ensure high hygiene and sharpness standards. We know how much this means to you guys.

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